November 8, 2019,
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Management Team and CO-Founders

Jukka Rissanen, CEO, Board member, Co-founder
PhD in anatomy and cell biology
Over 20 years of experience in preclinical drug development
and management roles in both scientific and operational functions

Harri Jukarainen, Technology Director, Board member, Co-founder
MSc in chemical engineering
25 years of experience in developing novel drug delivery polymers
and combination products for healthcare use, various R&D and management
roles from big pharma to start-up companies

Saku Ruohonen, Scientific Director, Chairman of the board, Co-founder
PhD, Toxicologist, Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology
Over 20 years of experience in preclinical disease models and drug development in academic research and industry

The management and co-founders at PreclinApps have over 60 years of experience, numerous peer-reviewed publications and over 30 patents in the field

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