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MedRod delivers active ingredient in efficient and reliable manner to support and improve the quality of preclinical studies
Stable and reliable and cost-effective substitute to chronic injections.

What is MedRod
- typically 1-4 mm diameter, 3 - 10 mm long cylinder shaped elastic rod
- size is dependable on the potency of substance, study type and duration of the study
- can be used for stable release subcutaneously (s.c) or orthotopically
- optimal for steroidal and hydrophobic substances
- dose range 0.02 mcg/day up to 200 mcg/day
- validated products: Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2), Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), Testosterone (TE)

Benefits of MedRod
- Adjustable sustained drug release from weeks to several months
- Utilizes biocompatible, biostable soft matrix that remains unchanged in tissue
- Small size and soft nature of MedRod minimizes irritation and makes it easy to assemble subcutaneously
- Removable at any time of the study, if sudden termination or adjustment of drug delivery desired
- No replacement required during long-lasting studies compared to many other substance releasing devices and methods
- Save time and money by eliminating the need of frequent animal handling
- Decreases suffering and animal number to be used in the studies, thus follows 3R principle
(Replacement, Reduction, Refinement)

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If you are interested in test samples for your study, email to: info[at]preclinapps.com

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