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drug delivery

Preclinical Animal Models

PreclinApps guides pharma on selecting best options for animal models used in the preclinical In Vivo R&D. As well PreclinApps can support in selecting optimal doses for cancer or endocrinological animal models/studies. MedRod(r) products promote implementation of the 3R principles in your research by reducing the need of daily dosing.

Drug Delivery Technology

With our decades long experience with polymer-based drug delivery systems both in human and animal R&D PreclinApps offers solutions for long term drug delivery challenges for pharma companies, despite the molecule size or type.

Drug delivery
Drug delivery


Whether biostable or bioresorbable, PreclinApps has long experience on biocompatible polymers and their use as implantable drug delivery materials In Vivo. Additionally, with our network PreclinApps can support fast track development of customer ideas into reality.

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